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50th Anniversary

The Winona Peach Festival began as an event in Canada's Centennial year, 1967.  Canada is celebrating 150 years and the Winona Peach Festival is celebrating 50 years of community celebration in 2017. 

View the various pages of Peach Festival history.   Our past presidents, our Royalty, changes to the Peach Festival over the years plus the various organizations that have been a part of the Winona Peach Festival.

Have you ever wondered how the Winona Peach Festival started?   Winona Peach Festival History

The Pageant started in 1967, with our Winona Peach Festival Queen and 2 Ladies in Waiting.  Winona Peach Festival Pageant History

50 Years of Royalty      

Under our Pageant section you can also view the past Miss Congeniality and the young ladies who have been awarded the Suzanne Erskine Legacy Award.