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The Winona Peach Festival


                              See you on the weekend of August 26-28, 2022.                     

   Click here to go to our website to see where you can purchase your 50/50 Draw Tickets!    The take home pot is up to $3000!!!


*NEW Volunteer link!  This page will allow you to directly contact our member organizations and set up volunteering with them!   Click here: Volunteering at the Winona Peach Festival


       Peach Festival Dates will be:  Friday August 26, 2022

                                                          Saturday August 27, 2022

                                                          Sunday August 28, 2022


                                       Free Admission to the Winona Peach Festival 



Did you know that the Winona Peach Festival is made up of 18 community organizations who are all volunteers.   In fact, Winona Peach Festival is entirely run by volunteers!!


"People working together for a better community"



Visitors at the Winona Peach Festival, do so at their own risk.


           Note: pictures taken of visitors at the Winona Peach Festival may be used in our social media campaigns.