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Information - FAQ

What hours is the Peach Festival open in 2022?
Hours of Operation
Friday Aug. 26 from 5pm to 11pm
Saturday Aug. 27 from 10am to 11pm
Sunday Aug. 28 from 10am to 6pm
When is the draw for the tickets?
The draw is on our Main Stage, the prizes are drawn starting at 5:00 pm on Sunday August 28th.
Is there an admission cost?

There is no admission cost to the Peach Festival, it is a free festival.


What is there to do at the Peach Festival?

There is something for every age group!  Our Midway has rides plus games for kids of all ages, our Arts & Crafts section has over 75 crafters, the Commercial Exhibits area has over 100 vendors with different products. There is a “Peach of a Car Show”, free entertainment on the Main Stage/E.D. Smith Fun Factory and a demonstration area and many different kinds of foods!!
How do I get to the Peach Festival?
You can click on our Direction / Parking for all of the information.  Please note that the Express Bus does not stop anywhere along the route, it only goes to and from the Festival/Eastgate Square.
Are there any ATM machines at the Festival?
Yes, located in front of the Scout Hut, in the Commercial area and the Arts & Craft area.  Most vendors only take cash, so if you run out or forgot to bring it with you, there are ATM's. 
Is your festival accessible for people with disabilities, i.e. wheel chairs, walkers?
The free HSR shuttle from Eastgate Square is wheelchair accessible. We also provide a wheelchair accessible bus that runs from Puddicombe Farms, off site parking.  The Festival is held in a park, where there are tree roots to be aware of.  There are many areas that are accessible. 
There will also be handicap / motor cycle / bicycle parking available across the road at St. Gabrielle's on the west side only. (Note: St. Gabrielle's school will be using the east side.)  If you have a bicycle, provide your own lock.  All parking is at your own risk.
Are service dogs permitted in the park?
All service animals are permitted in the park, we consider them working to assist people with various disabilities. 
I have a food truck, how do I apply to come into the Festival?
All of our food is provided by one of the 18 organizations that make up the Winona Peach Festival, so we do not accept any outside food vendors.
Can I bring my dog or pet to the Festival?
There is a City of Hamilton By-law that does not permit pets in the park during special events.  'Pets' includes but not limited to: dogs, cats, parrots, snakes, etc.   Please leave your pets at home, especially in the hot weather, they will be happier at home.  Thank you for not bringing your pets.
Can I smoke in the park?
The City of Hamilton brought in the no smoking By-law a couple of years ago.  There are smoking towers located on Barton Street for you to dispose of your butts.  You do need to go out onto the street to smoke.   Thank you for your cooperation.
Do you have Entertainment and is there a cost?
Yes we have Entertainment and it is free!   The main stage starts Friday night ending on Sunday afternoon, the E.D. Smith Fun Factory has children's entertainment during Saturday afternoon.  For information on who will be entertaining and at what time, please click on this Entertainment link. 
What rides are coming to the Peach Festival this year?
Please click on the Midway link to see everything that is happening in our Midway this year!
How do I become a vendor in the Commercial Area?
Please go to the Commercial page for additional information.  Please email exactly what you would like to sell, pictures are encouraged.  The vendors from the previous year are extended an invitation before new vendors are accepted.
How do I become a vendor into the Arts & Crafts Area?
Please go to the Arts & Crafts page on our website, from there you can click in the link to send the Arts & Crafts chair an email. 
Can I purchase peaches at the Festival?
We have four or five spots where the various local farmers have peaches and other assorted fruits or/and vegetables available.
Where can I park to come to the Festival?
Our official Peach Festival offsite parking lot is at Puddicombe Farms. Then you can take our shuttle over to the park.  There is a wheelchair accessible bus that runs from there also. Parking is free and riding the shuttle bus costs $10.00 each (round trip), Seniors $5.00 each (round trip) and children under 16 ride free.
The HSR is also offering free shuttles from Eastgate Square (Route 58 Bus Stop).  There is a wheelchair accessible bus which can also accommodate buggies, walkers, etc.  Please leave a Food Bank donation in the bins located at the Eastgate Square (Route 58 Bus Stop) for the free ride.
For more information click on Directions/Parking.
Can I purchase ride tickets before the Festival and is there a discount?

Presales will start on Tuesday August 9th and end Thursday August 25th.  There is a discount of 25% over Peach Festival weekend midway ride ticket prices.

Where can I purchase 'presale' tickets?

Presale tickets can be purchased at Winona Gardens (Winona), Pizza DiNonna (Grimsby) as of August 11th and other locations to be announced.  They can also be purchased at Winona Park on Thursday August 27th only from 6pm to dusk.  Cash only. 

Where can I stay with my family for the weekend?

There is camping available at Fifty Point Conservation area.  Motels/hotels close to the Festival are:  Four Points by Sheraton, Hamilton (Centennial Pkwy),  Sandman Hotel, Hamilton, Super 8 Motel (Grimsby), Casablanca Wine Inn (Grimsby) and the Comfort Inn (Centennial Pkwy).  Many of the local motels/hotels offer a special Peach Festival rate if rooms are still available.

Where can I find out what foods I can buy?

All of the foods offered at the Peach Festival are listed on our Food Court page.

Do you have food for vegetarians?

We have several food booth's carry foods that you would enjoy!  Check out our Food Court page to find them! 

Is there booths that serve gluten free foods?

We have several organizations that carry gluten free foods, prepared specially with your needs in mind.  Check out our Food Court page.

Are there other events to do or places to go at Peach Festival time?

Tourism Hamilton  has an event calendar and information on places to go, eat and events.