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         We invite you to join us for free entertainment on the Tim Horton's Stage all weekend long!   

The 2021 Winona Peach Festival has been cancelled, we hope to see you in 2022.

You can take a look at various entertainers who have been to the Winona Peach Festival!!

         Walter Ostenek the Polka King!

           Brad James has been at Peach Festival a few times!   another tune

           Marshall Dane   another tune

           Calvin's Magic Show  fun for the kids

          Blake Halladay

          Freedom Train  another tune  and another!

          Chelsey Crites

          Riley Michaels


          Riddim Riders

          Castor Troys




alt presents the Winona Peach Festival stage

We are very excited to announce that Eric Johnston is going to be our MC!!

Once again we have a VIP area, sponsored by !   Watch for contests run by the bands, to win your place in a VIP chair!

Friday August 23rd, 2019 - sponsored by Winona Crossing

5:00 PM  Studio E bands & musicians  -  Warheads, Soundbar

6:00 PM   Riley Michaels

7:30 PM   The Feels

8:30 PM   Malachi

9:30 PM   Riddum Riders

Saturday August 24th, 2019  -  Main Stage 

Children's Fun Factory

PJ Party!!!   Bring your favourite stuffie!

10:00 AM:    Studio E DiscoverE Pajama Party singalong                  

11:00 AM:    Rythum Plus Dance Company 

11:30 PM:    Sunshine & Broccoli  

1:00 PM:      Zacada Circus

2:00 PM       FUN and Games for all ages!!

3:00 PM       Steel-Hers Cheerleading

3:45 PM       Rythum Plus Dance Company 

 ** Visit our Photo area, near in the Entertainment area in our new L'il Peach Zone, if you want to get a picture with various mascots; Peter and Paula Peach or the Streetsville Bowling Ball and Pin, or Chef Benny.  They will be available on Saturday from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM in between the various acts.  

Main Stage

4:30 PM     Blake Halladay

5:45 PM     Julianna Jones

6:45 PM     Take Cover

8:00 PM     Castor Troys

9:30 PM:    Freedom Train

Sunday August 25th, 2019

11:00 AM   High Voltage, Blue Fiction

12:00 to 4:00 PM:    Winona Peach Festival's 'Peach Star' Talent Competition  -  sponsored by Studio E          

3:30 PM    Steel-Hers Cheerleading

4:15 PM:   Channel 2  

5:15 PM:   The Grimsby Pipe Band   

5:30 PM:   Closing Ceremonies – watch the Peach Festival draw and help us close out the Festival.  5:30pm Draw

For Entertainment inquiries, please e-mail the Entertainment Chair.

Welcome back Eric Johnston as our MC!       alt    alt

Friday Night!! 




  Riddum Riders


Saturday  -  Children's Fun Factory

 Sunshine & Broccoli


 Zacada Circus


 Rythum Plus Dance Co.


Saturday - Main Stage

   Blake Halladay


   Take Cover


    The Castor Troys

   alt     alt

   Freedom Train


Sunday - Main Stage   

Winona Peach Star Competition

Welcoming our guest judges!

     We are so happy to welcome back Max Francis!  He is the unofficial face of Hamilton, five years ago he started True Hamiltonian.

    We are also excited to welcome back Sam Cook.

  We welcome to our judging panel, Tim Bolen our CHCH TV Host!  Tim visits us every year and now he is one of our judges!

Channel 2


You can also find the Kinsmen Club of Stoney Creek beside Candy Floss with their Birthday Game just outside the Entertainment area.