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Commercial Exhibits

Thank you all of our Commercial Exhibitors for putting on a great display for 2022 and looking forward to a bigger and better 2023!
Our Commercial Exhibit area offers something for everyone, all ages!  We have over 100 vendors just so you can shop, test your skills, learn something you didn't know or watch demonstrations in our “Demonstration Area”.    
Looking for peaches?
         Warner Orchards
         Puddicombe Farms
Please be aware that we do not accept outside food vendors who wish to sell food at the Festival.  Our organizations fulfill that role for us.

If you are a fruit/vegetable vendor, please send your information in to the Commercial email.

NOTE:  If you are a crafter, who makes their own product, please contact the Arts & Crafts Chair.    
If you are a vendor and interested in coming into the Winona Peach Festival for 2023, please email
Please include a brief description of what you are offering, pictures are also a wonderful help.